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"How It All Began" 

A message from the Founder, Rock Hilton

I committed to a complete lifestyle change. Juicing, along with switching to a whole food, plant-based diet, helped me improve my quality of life and lose weight. Since beginning this journey, I have lost 83lbs.  Before making the change, I was prediabetic and had extremely high blood pressure. I am living proof of how conscious changes can positively impact one’s health. I started this juice business to help as many willing people as possible. 


I have received my certification in juicing from Reboot with Joe, from the well-known documentary Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, am a certified Juice Therapist (Juice Guru Institute) and earned my certification from the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program designed by T. Colin Campbell, PhD Cornell University, the author of the China Study & Whole.

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